The municipality of Gorliz is located on the Western side of the Basque coast, 25km to the east of Bilbao.

Limited to the north west by the the Bay of Biscay, to the east by Lemoiz, to the south by Plentzia, sharing the Bilbao river.

Its 10,29 km2 of extension form part of the Uribe region.

Gorliz is characterised by its green fields, blue hues the sea, with moderate temperatures year round.


The population of Gorliz is presently over 5,300 (which quadruples in summer) is spread over the following areas which comprise the municipality: Elexalde, Andra Mari, Urezarantza, Gandia, Areatza, Gaminiz (Barrio San José), Guzurmendi Orabille. The local economy is based primarily on the service industry focused on tourism, whereas agriculture cattle-raising have been considerably reduced by the fast growing urbanisation of the area.

Gorliz has good access by road to surrounding areas such as Get, via the BI-634, Bakio via the BI-3151, Mungia via the BI-2120, is a mere 20 minutes away the airport. There are also two bus lines which service the municipality: one to the Metro station (Bilbao Metro Line 1), with departures every 20 minutes timed to coincide with metro arrivals, viceversa; the other connecting Lemoiz (Armintza) Getxo (Areeta) via Gorliz once an hour.